On behalf of our entire team of missionaries serving in North America ministries, I express sincere greetings and a warm welcome. God has blessed the Baptist Mid-Missions family with a rich heritage and a growing opportunity of ministry in fifty plus countries around our world. For the past fifteen years it has been my privilege to serve those missionaries that are “Reaching The World At Home”.

Steve Butler The Lord of harvest is at work in our home continent in ways that continue to astound us. There are four dynamics that present world-class mission opportunities right in our own back yards. People from all the nations of the world are coming to North America for education. Reaching them here on our secular, university campuses of Canada and the United States is especially effective once away from their own culture. We also have the dynamic of immigration that brings people to our own shores. These ethnic groups tend to amass together; thereby, giving a concentrated target that can be reached in strategic fashion. Another sea-change in our continent is the migration that is happening before our eyes as populations are shifting into growth belt regions across the south from east to west. Church planting in these developing regions can be quite dynamic. Then last but not least is the ever-present rebellion against God and His Anointed, Jesus Christ (Psalm 2).

We invite you to lift up your eyes with us to catch a glimpse of what our Great Commissioner may have you do with us in “Reaching The World At Home!”

“World missions is no longer a world away”

Rev. Steven L. Butler
Administrator of North America Ministries
Baptist Mid-Missions

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