Native American Ministries

“Come Over and Help Us.” That’s the seal of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, depicting a native North American quoting Acts 16:9. Early efforts to evangelize North America were replaced by the territorial struggles. Today the call to “Come over and help us” is still valid. The spiritual need of native North Americans is a great mission field at our doorstep. God’s workers among the Indians must labor patiently to overcome cultural differences and establish relationships. Doors for the gospel witness open over time as compassionate service opens opportunities for evangelism and the establishment of independent Baptist churches.

Native American Ministries Baptist Mid-Missions’ ministries are located in Kenora, Ontario among the Ojibway and Cree Indians; in Winslow, Arizona and Vanderwagon, New Mexico among the Hopi and Navajo Indians; and in Great Falls, Montana. The missionaries continually ask the Lord to call people to “come over and help us.” Needs include career, short-term, and “tentmaker” missionaries to serve in church planting, women’s and children’s ministries, jail ministries, and camping programs.