Baptist Youth Ministries

Baptist Youth Ministries meets the specific needs of smaller, fundamental Baptist churches. Other excellent youth programs are available today. However, most require large facilities, large staff, and large finances. Small churches are often unable to meet these requirements. Baptist Youth Ministries supplies strong Bible-emphasis materials adapted for the specific use of these churches. Two effective BYM programs are available: Bible Seekers for grades one through six and Bible Teens for grades seven through twelve. The club names imply the strong emphasis for each clubber to earn a Bible and learn how to use it. One or both of these programs are being successfully used throughout the United States, Canada, and in several foreign countries.

We Must Reach the Children

Bible Seekers: Baptist Youth Ministries

  • Bible Lesson Plans that each year teach Old Testament, then New Testament
  • Children quickly earn Bibles; then they are taught how to use them.
  • Prayer Captain/Prayer Warrior network where church members pray for the clubbers
  • A simple awards program

Bible Teens:

36 lessons each year (three years currently available) covering

  • the Seven Dispensations (first year)
  • Old Testament (second year)
  • New Testament (third year)

In order to qualify to use the programs, a church must be a fundamental Baptist Church in agreement with the Articles of Faith of Baptist Mid-Missions, must hold a day-and-a-half seminar before or shortly after starting the program(s), must pay a small annual fee and, after the first year, must file an annual report.

If you would like to receive an information packet, or if you have any questions concerning BYM, please contact Nancy Knopf (, and include your postal address.