On behalf of our entire team of missionaries serving in North America ministries, I express sincere greetings and a warm welcome. God has blessed the Baptist Mid-Missions family with a rich heritage and a growing opportunity of ministry in fifty plus countries around our world.

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Church Planting & Development

Church Planting in North America? Our Lord’s command is to go into all the world, beginning with our own “Jerusalem” and branching out to the ends of the world (Acts 1:8). As the gospel spreads into other lands, the discipling/church-planting ministry must continue throughout the homeland.

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Church Planting Katy

Campus Bible Fellowship International

One of North America’s greatest missions fields today is the college campus! Young men and women, raised in a society with no absolutes, are searching for answers to life’s questions. Others have traveled from around the world, often from countries where the Bible is forbidden, to study in North America.

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Campus Bible Fellowship

Jewish Outreach Team

Of the 15.1 million Jewish people who live worldwide, there are 6.2 million who make North America their home. Even though they live in neighborhoods with Bible-believing churches, they are largely untouched by serious evangelistic effort! Would you take a moment to ask, “What am I doing to reach Jewish people with the gospel?”

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Jewish Outreach Team

Native American Ministries

The spiritual need of native North Americans is a great mission field at our doorstep. God’s workers among the Indians must labor patiently to overcome cultural differences and establish relationships. Doors for the gospel witness open over time as compassionate service opens opportunities for evangelism and the establishment of independent Baptist churches.

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Native American Ministries

Mormon Focus Ministries Team

Mormonism, officially known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, ranks among the six largest religious bodies in America. While Mormons can be found almost anyplace, “Mormon Country” is defined as the area within a 500-mile radius of Salt Lake City, Utah. Gospel-preaching churches there are rare and usually small.

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Mormon Focus Ministries

Baptist Youth Ministries

Baptist Youth Ministries meets the specific needs of smaller, fundamental Baptist churches. Other excellent youth programs are available today. However, most require large facilities, large staff, and large finances. Small churches are often unable to meet these requirements. Baptist Youth Ministries supplies strong Bible-emphasis materials adapted for the specific use of these churches. Two effective BYM programs are available: Bible Seekers for grades one through six and Bible Teens for grades seven through twelve. The club names imply the strong emphasis for each clubber to earn a Bible and learn how to use it. One or both of these programs are being successfully used throughout the United States, Canada, and in several foreign countries.

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Baptist Youth Ministries